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Summer Vibes

Happy Friday everyone, Today is my favorite day of the week when I can plan something fun and hope for some sleep over the weekend:) When the weather is bad and we can’t do anything outside, I love sketching girls on the beach/ relaxing by the 

Sketchbook: Bikini Season

Summer is not over yet, and you’ve probably noticed that my sketchbook is blooming with beautiful girls in straw hats, pretty summer dresses and bikinis. And today I want to share with you another summer sketch, hope you like it! Лето в самом разгаре и вы 

Sketchbook: Watercolor Illustrations

Sketchbook: Watercolor Illustrations

I think all artists once in a while experience fear of a blank canvas. Every time I started working on a commissioned project, I was afraid that I will ruin my nice smooth watercolor paper and I couldn’t start working-just kept staring on a paper. I started trying different things