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Monday Coffee

Can’t believe it’s Monday already and my baby is more than 1 week old!!! Time flies and I wish I could slow it down a little bit! During pregnancyI had to avoid lots of yummy foods and drinks and coffee was on the list. Of 

Sketchbook: Fall Colors

This summer is surprisingly not as hot as I expected. Sometimes it rains nonstop and this weather reminds me of fall so when I saw this photo with lots of fall colors on Camille’s Insta page I knew it will be in my sketchbook soon:) 

You Can’t be Sad While Eating Ice Cream

You can’t be sad while eating ice cream, don’t you agree?!! Lately I’ve been obsessed with food sketching. Cupcakes, macarons and ice cream are all over my sketchbook and there is a good explanation to it. Being 30 weeks pregnant, I try to avoid sweet treats