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Stripes are Timeless

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great week so far! So here I am, almost 39 weeks pregnant and still trying to look pretty:) I always thought that finding a dress that fits your growing baby bump is the most difficult part but I was 

Perfect Dress for Your Baby Bump

36 weeks guys, can you believe it??? I didn’t think I could get any bigger, ohhhh I was sooo wrong!:) Last month I got a few dresses 2 sizes up and was hoping that they will fit me by the end of the pregnancy, but a few 

Sweet Friday: Summer Sketches

Sweet Friday: Summer Sketches

Happy Friday everyone!!! A quick hello and a few colorful sketches to make this sunny day even brighter!!! Have a lovely weekend Elena   INSTAGRAM /  PINTEREST /  ETSY /   SKILLSHARE