Author: Elena Fay

Stripes are Timeless

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great week so far! So here I am, almost 39 weeks pregnant and still trying to look pretty:) I always thought that finding a dress that fits your growing baby bump is the most difficult part but I was 

Sweet Friday

Happy Friday everyone! These past couple of weeks I’ve been busy with custom work and finding time for my own projects is getting harder and harder. However, when I have some free time (even a few minutes), I love doodling in my sketchbook, here is a little 

Parisian Style Coffee Painting

Parisian Style Coffee Painting

Happy Monday everyone, Monday is not my favorite day of the week (daaah) but I’m always excited about creating new coffee paintings and sharing them with you, so little by little I kinda start liking Mondays:) Check out my YouTube channel for more coffee paintings Have a