Pinterest Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Pinterest Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs

Here on my blog I talk a lot about Instagram, and If you follow me on Instagram (@elenafay_art), you know how much I love this platform and how grateful I am for this creative community! However, today I want to talk to you about Pinterest. When I started using it right and implementing the right strategies, my blog traffic exploded and shop sales doubled!

In this post, I’ll share the top tips that helped me to explode my Pinterest monthly views from 40K to 800K just in one month!!!! And if you would like to learn more, check out my Skillshare class which is all about “Pinterest Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs”

Pinterest Marketing. The Power of Pinning for Business Growth. Put your blog growth on autopilot by creating a solid Pinterest Strategy I realized that all these years, while I was pinning cute puppy picture and roasted chicken recipes, I was missing out on a free traffic to my blog and shop.  If you are a blogger, creative entrepreneur or online business owner, Pinterest can be a game changer for your business. It is a great tool for getting online exposure, free traffic to your website and sales.

It can be a HUGE traffic generator, you just need to have a few strategies under your belt to use it effectively. Trust me, I’ve done it myself and I’m here to show you some tips and tricks that will help you to grow your business as well.

So here are the top tips that helped me to explode my Pinterest monthly views from 40K to 800K just in one month!!!! I keep questioning myself, why I didn’t do it earlier???? But it’s never too late, so let’s get to it!

1. Convert your Personal Account to a Business Account

Creating a business account is absolutely free and it has a lot of benefits such as: Pinterest analytics, promoted pins, rich pins, and more. There is no reason why not to use this opportunity for growing your business.

To sign up to a business account or convert your old personal account, go to this link, click on a red button “Join a a business” or “Convert now”  and follow the instructions.

2. Claim your Website & Enable Rich Pins

Once you have your blog up and running, it’s a great idea to link your website to your Pinterest account. This will allow Pinterest to track who actually visits your website from Pinterest and you’ll have an access to the analytics page.

Here is Pinterest help page with the instructions. If you are not a tech person and their steps look too complicated, check out my Skillshare class about Pinterest, in lesson 5 you’ll find simple steps how to claim your website on Pinterest.

Next step is applying for Rich Pins. Rich Pins add more data to your pins. In other words, your pins will include your name, your icon ( your photo) and the link to your website, with is very beneficial for growing your following.

3. Organize Your Profile & Add Keywords

Before cleaning up your profile, think of the focus of your business. How can you create 20-25 boards that are related to your business and helpful for the audience?

Here is a tip: instead of pinning only your product pins, create a story around your business. How can your product help or inspire others.

After creating boards, related to your business, move the most important to the top and add searchable keywords to board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions and don’t forget about  “About Me” section.

4. Join Group Boards

Pinterest group board is a board where you can add your pins along with other people. It will give you a priceless opportunity to feature your content to their followers, get noticed on Pinterest and get tons of traffic to your blog.

5. Pin Automation

And one of my absolutely favorite ways for growing traffic is Pin Automation!

Pinning  20-30 pins every day sounds like a full time job to me and I’m all about doing more work in less time. I use Tailwind for scheduling my pins and absolutely love their service. Also check out Tailwind Tribes, the idea is very similar to Group Boards  – it’s another great way to get more exposure and grow your traffic. How to grow traffic with Pinterest

And the last but not least, share quality content and pin consistently!!!

Hope these tips will help you unleash the real power of Pinterest and if you’d like to learn more, check out my Skillshare class which is all about “Pinterest Marketing for Creative Entrepreneurs”.

Happy Pinning friends!


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