Coffee Painting Tutorial

Coffee Painting Tutorial

Coffee Painting Tutorial

Though I’m a tea person, I really enjoy occasional coffee breaks:) The aroma of morning coffee always drives me crazy, I’m sure there are many coffee lovers who can relate. That’s why todays post is all about coffee and how to paint with it.

coffee painting tutorial by Elena Fay
coffee painting tutorial

 I’ve been planning to share this fun tutorial with you since I created my first coffee illustration. I didn’t think you’d be interested but when I started posting Instagram stories, many of you have asked about coffee painting tips, so here it is!

Believe it or not, it’s really easy to paint with coffee, all you need is some coffee mixed with water, watercolor paper, brushes and container with clean water. There is no real difference between instant coffee or freshly brewed coffee, so don’t worry about buying expensive coffee beans.
Use less water for darker hues and more water for light hues. For really strong dark tones mix some instant coffee into a very thick paste.

1. I usually begin with light pencil sketch on a paper, when it’s done, I start adding some color. how to paint with coffee tutorial2. Painting with coffee is pretty much the same as painting with watercolors. Start with lighter shades and then add more layers for darker hues. Wait until the layer is dry before adding another onecoffee art by Elena Fay3. If you added too much dark hues to the area that should be light, just add a few drops of water to the spot or wet the area with clean moist brush, wait for a few seconds and dap with paper towel or a tissue. Some areas of your coffee painting will be shiny and I really love that effect! how to paint with coffee step by stepunique coffee artwork by Elena Fay

how to paint with coffee tips and tricks by Elena FayDon’t be afraid to experiment, leave some light areas and make dark rich spots, add big pretty coffee splatters and have fun during the process!
Just a few tips: coffee can be hard on your brushes so take care of them and wash them well when you are done painting.
So if you find yourself without your favorite watercolors but your really really want to paint, coffee will be the best alternative!
Hope you like this tutorial and if you have any questions leave a comment, I’ll be happy to chat!

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