Nesting Mood/ Kids Playroom

funny cat in a teepeeSo I got into nesting mood again and today I wanted to share some photos of Ethan’s playroom. I’ve always dreamed about a nice spacious playroom for our kids. When we moved to our new house, that has a little weird configuration on the main floor, I didn’t know what to do with one of the rooms that we didn’t use at all. But thanks to a huge pile of Ethan’s toys, the room quickly transformed into his playroom and I knew it’s time to make this space cosy. A few wall prints, colorful rag and pillows and this super cute teepee did the magic!

I recently discovered Jiao’s shop where you can find the most adorable Teepees for your kids! Ethan loves it, this is his absolute favorite spot where he reads his colorful books and plays with our cat Isaac. Jiao is offering all my readers $20 off the teepee purchase from her Etsy shop-use the code TEEPEETOT20 and check out her Instagram page for more updates @teepeetot
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