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Watercolor Practice / Painting Sweet Treats

Watercolor Practice / Painting Sweet Treats

Hey creative friends! Do you love chocolate and other sweet treats as much as I do? I hope the answer is yes, because I created another fun class “Painting Sweet Treats with Watercolor” where we’ll paint loose and colorful illustrations of the most delicious desserts. In this class you will find easy to follow step by step videos of painting a donut, ice cream and french macarons. ice cream cone with watercolor

And along the way you will:

  • Learn and practice new techniques
  • Increase your watercolor skills
  • And of course, you’ll learn how to stop being intimidated by watercolor and start enjoying the process    

how to paint with watercolor, art tutorialsThis is the perfect course for beginners and intermeidate painters. It’s jam packed full of amazing content and a great way to channel your creative energy!

So get your brushes ready, enroll in the class “Painting Sweet Treats with Watercolor”  and lets play with watercolors!!!! And don’t forget to share your projects on Instagram with #elenafayclass!!!!watercolor tips, watercolor tutorial, art classwatercolor cupcake by Elena Fay, Skillshare Class