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Weekly Fluff Puppy Illustration

Is there anything cuter than a puppy with big sweet eyes? I’m a cat person (my Instagram stories are¬†all about my fluffy cat ūüôā but every time I see puppies, my heart just melts.¬†When one of my regular clients asked me to sketch her little friend, I could’t be happier!!!¬†If you follow me on¬†Instagram¬†then you’ve probably seen this already, if not, check out the work in progress video.

I think it’s obvious¬†that I’m a huge fan of Instagram:) and their weekly¬†series #Weekly Fluff is my absolute favorite!¬†To bring you a little dose of cuteness I’ll be sharing¬†some watercolor cuties too. And… to¬†spice it up a little bit, I’ll start a weekly # party: woo hoo, who doesn’t like a party, right? So share the photos of your adorable pets on Instagram using hashtag #artsyweeklyfluff and randomly chosen winner will¬†appear in my sketchbook!!!

If you are an artist, what is your favorite thing to draw/paint/sketch???
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fashion illustration by Elena Fay

Sweet Friday-Sketchbook

watercolor fashion illustration

Wooohoo it’s finally Friday! I’ve no idea why am I so excited about it -moms don’t have a day off, right?) But¬†I still love Friday:)

Sometimes people ask me what kind of paper do I use and if it’s too expensive to buy a nice quality watercolor paper. I already have some brands that I tested (hot pressed watercolor paper Arches and Fabriano & Mijello Mission Gold Watercolor paints) and I know that the result will be awesome so I use these brands for important projects and commission work. I try to sketch every day and, to be honest with you, I would be broke if I used Arches paper all the time:) For quick warm up sketches and doodles I discovered this Canson sketchbook (it’s not even a watercolor paper) but illustrations always turn our colorful and fresh.

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Woman in Gold

modern fashion illustration in gold paint
I’ve been always fascinated by gold paintings and gold office decor but for some reason didn’t have anything gold in my office. A few days ago I¬†finally created a few paintings for my office and it¬†looks so much prettier now.¬†This “Woman in Gold” piece was originally black and white illustration (I created a¬†long time¬†ago), I printed it as a faux foil print and added some texture with gold paint on top. This¬†gold print is already in my¬†Etsy, so check it out and if you are interested in different size-feel free to contact me

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