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How to Deal with Criticism

These past few days I thought a lot about this topic!!! Why??? Because sooner or later haters/trolls / angry customers, you can call them whatever you want, find us all! If you are a blogger, creative person, small business owner, no matter how good your product is – you will meet these nasty trolls!

How to Deal with Criticism

How to Deal with Criticism, dealing with haters

When it comes to social media, I think I’m one of the lucky ones because I never received a negative or hurtful comment because people who follow me on Instagram know me well, I always talk to them like with my friends and open up about my business, personal life and creative challenges.

I share my art and online classes on different platforms and I really love doing that because the feedback and support from customers and students is truly amazing and encouraging! So why do I sound like I’m familiar with criticism? Well, if you share your art online, you know that 99% of your customers are the sweetest and the most amazing people but there is always 1% that just pops out from nowhere and try to ruin your life (maybe I sound too dramatic, but that’s how it felt at the beginning).

No matter how many positive reviews you receive, the most memorable is the negative one. Isn’t it sad???

When you get a negative feedback on your product, it feels like the end of the world, you feel crushed, angry, devastated and you don’t want to create any more. Does it sound familiar?

And I get it, girl! Being a creative person means that you put your heart and soul into creating something and you truly believe that this product is the best and it will help others or bring joy to the person who purchases it. And when a complete stranger comes and leaves negative comment, we take it really really personal.

When you’re a creative entrepreneur, and you’re putting your work online, you are going to have haters. And that’s just the reality of running an online business, and even if I sound like a broken record, let me repeat again-sooner or later YOU WILL receive a negative feedback and I want you to be prepared.

So how to deal with criticism gracefully and not to get to the level of these people?

  1. First, take a deep deep breath!!!! Don’t you even think about crying, smashing your phone and screaming that you quit!
  2. Ask yourself if it’s a constructive or destructive criticism. If it’s a constructive criticism – take a step back, calm yourself down and when your mind is clear and there is no anger, handle the situation. Just keep in mind that some people even if they want to help you and point on some mistakes, they may use the wrong way to approach the problem and sound rude.
  3. Dealing with haters: don’t respond! Don’t waste your positive energy! Some people just feed on a negative energy and they want to see your reaction and want to be noticed. If you can, delete the comment, block this person and try to forget about what happened!!! I know that your first reaction is to defend yourself and write them back but that’s exactly what they want from you! People who hid behind closed accounts and try to bring you down by spreading their negativity will never archive the level of your success, they want to convince you that you are not talented enough. Don’t let them!!! Delete-Block-Forget!!!! That’s the biggest punishment to them!

Instead of thinking about them and doubting yourself, spend this time on creating what you love and building your success!




how to promote your art, art business, tips by Elena Fay

How To Promote Your Art Business

how to promote your art, art business, tips by Elena Fay
How To Promote Your Art Business

A few weeks ago I was sitting at a cafe and working on some custom portraits when one of my gym friends was walking by and asked me if I’m an artist. For some reason I started blushing and said that it’s just a hobby and my fashion illustrations were just silly scribbles. When she left, I was paralyzed and frustrated by my own response. Why could’t I tell her that I’m an artist and fashion illustrator??? Was it because I was afraid to be judged or criticized or even laughed at? I’m a self taught illustrator and I don’t have a diploma from a fancy art school but does it stop me from making art? No!!! I love fashion illustration and painting really makes me feel happy. I consider myself a super lucky person because I can do what I really love and call it my job!

Some people say that you can call yourself an artist only when you make a living out of it. So let’s make some money while doing what we love!!!

Here are a few tips I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) about how to be proud to be an artist and promote your art business like a pro!


Let’s face it, Instagram is huge now and it’s my absolute favorite! It is changing every single day and it’s becoming a major platform that brings traffic, exposure and sales!

Instagram is a visual platform and you can attract a lot of art lovers by posting beautiful images.

You can promote your art business by creating unique and original content every day and will never run out of material. Use it wisely, be consistent with your posts and use right hashtags.

Engage with your audience, give them something they care about, be helpful.

Create call to action in your posts,

Use Insta Stories for showing behind the scene, work in progress, your studio mess and inspiration.

I love Instagram and will go deeper into its strategies


Pinterest is not a social media platform, it’s a search engine. Treat it like Google, use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get traffic to your website/shop/blog

Think of your Pinterest account as of your portfolio or blog where you have different categories but they all should be connected. If your blog is about fitness and most of your followers are looking for fitness inspiration and healthy eating, than you shouldn’t be pinning cute pics with little kittens (I know, we all love kittens but these pins will not bring you customers).

Check if all your boards are relevant to your niche. Edit your Pinterest boards (rename them and select the best board cover) so that your boards will attract the right people. All of your boards should be something that your potential customer/buyer is interested in.


Blog is a great way to build great relationship with your readers and potential customers.

Share your knowledge and expertise with your dream customers.

Make a list of all the topics you want to write about. Decide how often do you want to post and work on the schedule. Be consistent with your posts and share quality content.


No matter how many followers you have on Instagram/Pinterest/ YouTube/Twitter, having an email list is very important. You are not in control when social media platforms change their algorithm, you can loose your followers if the platform crashes (ohh my biggest fear) but you are in control of your email list so start working on it today. How? Create free printables, downloads, ecourse, something that you can give for free in exchange on email subscription.

5. YouTube / Periscope/ Twitter/Facebook

I’ve tried these platforms but they didn’t work for me but it doesn’t mean that they will not work for you. If you like to be in front of a  camera, YouTube and Periscope are definitely your platforms.

how to promote your art business, how to market yourself as artist, how to sell artIf you love art and really enjoy the process of creating art, then you can proudly call yourself an artist! Promote your work, engage with your followers and grow your business!